Pride of the Capitol


Today I’m posting about something that is very important to me. Marching band. I am currently a member of the Dover High School Pride of the Capitol Marching Band from Dover, Delaware, also known as the Dover High School Senator Band, and The Rolling Thunder Marching Band (this is technically the name of our drum line but we’ve been called this by mistake on numerous occasions). We are one of three show style marching bands in the state. For those of you not learned in the marching arts, there are two types of marching bands; there is Corps style, the more common of the two, which consists of walking in step which is less physically exerting but allows for more elaborate field shows, and there is show style, also known as high-stepping, which involves raising the knees as high as possible while remaining in step. This is the style I prefer, but it does result in slightly less complicated field shows for my band because of the rigidity of the marching (we can really only go straight), but it is in my opinion, better suited for parades than Corps style, and this is somewhat proven by the fact that we win just about every parade we compete in. For a better explanation see the links below. This past year has been pretty good for me as a member of the band; before I go any further I should mention that I play the saxophone, I am the junior section leader of the saxes and overall my section is, in my opinion, one of the best in the band. We suffer from little drama (thank God), and they seem to learn rather quickly when it comes to playing songs from our rather extensive repertoire. During band camp this year I had to help teach many of our new members how to do things like march, perform a step two (one person leaves the line two steps after the previous person), and do a pin wheel (essentially a turn) and they picked it up rather quickly, faster than some of the kids in my class had at least. They seemed rather capable at learning the half-time show as well, despite my inexperience at leading a squad, and since this year our band director decided that we would make the score on the field (pretty difficult since the score was never the same), and we had to memorize the formations for each number, but my squad managed to pull it off, as did the rest of the band (it helped that our football team had been having an excellent season and my squad only had to make zeroes). The Pride of the Capitol had a successful marching season in my opinion, we won every parade and blew away the crowd every Friday night for months. If you read this and are a member of a marching band, feel free to comment, reblog, and share your love for all things marching band.  (show style) (corps style, Ohio state)


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