A world of my own


The world is full of geeks. Everywhere you go you see someone reading a book, talking about a video game, going to see a movie about superheroes, or flipping through a comic book. There’s a reason for this, and I believe I have found it.

How many of you when growing up told your parents that when you grew up you wanted to be a superhero, or a wizard, or a princess? I myself said I wanted to be the Red Power Ranger. And how many of you grew up to read books, watch shows and movies, and play games about those very things? The answer is probably quite a few of you. These things became important to us because of those impossible childhood dreams. Every time we read a book about a fantasy world, or flip through the latest issue of Batman or Captain America, we become those things we dreamed of, if only for a little while. It is that little reprieve that keeps us returning to these mediums that many consider to be odd, or nerdy, and as we mature we find new sources of escape. Personally, I’ve gone from being a devoted Potterhead, to an avid watcher of Game of Thrones and back again on more than one occasion.

The worlds created by the likes of JK Rowling, George RR Martin and so many others often seem more appealing than the drab everyday life of a high school student that I live everyday. Who among you can honestly say they’d rather attend algebra instead of Defense Against the Dark Arts? Or live in a world of hashtags and hipsters rather than one of heroes and mutants? Not many I’d wager, and that’s why geeks are still around, and why the number of them is only increasing.

People so often write geeks off as weird, or losers, and they deem their reprieves as stupid and a waste of time. They fail to see what these things really mean to them. Where one person might see a video game, another may see an adventure they’ve been through more times than they can count, and where some might see a battered old book, others will see a world they wish they could be a part of and characters that they’ve been able to connect with better than any person they’ve met in the real world.

These other worlds that have been created mean something to many people, and these worlds that we so often find ourselves in are often ones we desperately wish to be a part of. I can honestly say there are days when I’d much rather be a wizard at Hogwarts, or an earthbender, or a demigod at Camp Half-Blood, than a high schooler from Delaware, but unfortunately this is the world i live in, and I have to make the best of it, luckily I have hundreds of other worlds I can go to at any time if I’m need of a respite. So, if you’d like, feel free to comment what worlds you enjoy escaping to, I have to go fight the forces of evil.